Bullets – STC

June 3, 2010
  • I love bullets points to Big F
  • Lots of golf on my end too, lots of baaaad golf, but bad golf is better than no golf
  • Golf tomorrow, no work!
  • I LOVE double tall cappuccino, 1 sugar in the raw, from sbucks, might be the most perfect coffee drink in the world
  • No, the train station in Naples had the best capp. right T?
  • Who loves bats?  This guy does.  Hanging the bat house this weekend, goodbye pesky mosquitoes (I hope)
  • I hope my rasp. belgian wheat is not blowing up in my basement as I type…..  Kidna scared, that’s a lot of sugar added to a fermenting beer….. ok now I’m really nervous……
  • What to do during lunch?  Haircut or Driving range?
  • Celts tonight!!!!

Bullet Points – F

June 3, 2010

-Played alot of golf this week.

-Tea is so much less satisfying than coffee. I’m acctually starting to hate it.

-Timmys slo-mo cam is nasty, but it makes me lose my focus and play terrible.

-lately im playing terrible.

– i love using bullet points. its awesome.

-im getting my ass kicked in words by stefan (twice at the same time), but kicking pags ass in lexulous. i think timmy quit playing words or something.

-Timmy canned a shot from the tall grass on number 14 at Olde Scotland on monday.

-Waiting on the 8th Tee at riverbend with stefan, i hit a flop shot INTO an unzipped side pocket in his golf bag on saturday.


notes from yesterday – T

June 3, 2010

notes from yesterday:

–two hours of traffic to braintree.
mikey almost hitting “ducks”
bunker shots
2’s on 8 and 1
slipping in goose shit
–mcdonalds dinner
woooorrrrrst chicken wraps. sit heavy in your stomach. they’re for people who don’t want to go to mcdonalds but end up there anyway. “oh, it’s a wrap. that’s better for me.” but it ends up tasting nasty and not being worth eating it.
IIIIIIIIIIIIIII on the other hand got a McDouble and a vanilla milk shake. Are you kidding me? the best tasting thing in the world after 9 holes. I’m getting thirsty right now just thinking about it. Also, there were some real characters at this mcdonalds…

–Celtics vs Lakers game tonight.


Bunka Shot Slow Mo

June 3, 2010

more camera testing:

T9. By T.

June 1, 2010

How much better is predictive text going to get? Like SO good? Good enough to understand who u are, what you’re doing and how you talk? Who your friends are, the products you use and words u use a lot? (Google knows all those things about you.  google dashboard/ ) Predictive Enough to guess whole sentence? Maybe one day, but for now I can’t even type “hell” without it freaking out and being convinced I mean “he’ll”.

a picture for you

June 1, 2010

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New Camera

June 1, 2010

new camera is really sick. It arrived over the weekend and i got to open it up when i got back home last night. had to charge the battery before i could use it. This is it: http://exilim.casio.com/products_exfs10.shtml

ive been taking videos of: pouring a bowl of cereal, swinging a bat, shooting elastics, swinging office accessories around, making faces, birds on the way to work, cars, bikes. really cool stuff. haven’t been able to bring it golfing yet, or do any outdoor sports. When lighting is good, I’ll get some really awesome stuff and start posting them on youtube. here’s a really crap taste for now:

the camera goes up to 1000fps but the quality is baaaaad. you only need that for like, bullets and BB guns and stuff (which i’ll find a way to do.) for now, 210fps is really good for sports, and catching action that you can’t notice with your naked eye. most video cameras do about 30fps.

that’s all for now.


–half an hour later:
okay i couldn’t stand having that video the one everyone saw. Heres one of my favorites so far….

6:45am memorial Monday

May 31, 2010

arrived at golf course early. Beat s and f. Unusual. Went to use the bathroom and now there’s a line because someone is in there making a lot of ass noise. Not sure I want to follow that.

Oh look. F and s drove together. Cute!

TP Post (As Demanded) by T

May 28, 2010

Good things:
Morning raps
The fact that I’m out of work ass-early
Slomo cam
Long weekend
The food I’m hungry for. Don’t even know what it is yet. Am I going to eat a spoonful of peanut butter for lunch? I spent this passed week trying to finish all the food in my house so I don’t have to throw anything away that goes bad over the weekend.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out right now. Sunny with a couple clouds just for aesthetics.

PAG caught turtles with a fishing pole.

I’m gonna murder stc on the golf course this weekend as long as I’m not hungover. What are the chances of that?

This crazy homeless dude I just walked by is a ticking timebomb. You NEVER know when they’re gonna flip out and threaten to stab you. Is that unfair to say? It’s only happened to me twice.

No seriously. WhT am I gonna eat for lunch?


What do u know about cool deck breeze celtics chillin?

May 27, 2010