notes from yesterday – T

notes from yesterday:

–two hours of traffic to braintree.
mikey almost hitting “ducks”
bunker shots
2’s on 8 and 1
slipping in goose shit
–mcdonalds dinner
woooorrrrrst chicken wraps. sit heavy in your stomach. they’re for people who don’t want to go to mcdonalds but end up there anyway. “oh, it’s a wrap. that’s better for me.” but it ends up tasting nasty and not being worth eating it.
IIIIIIIIIIIIIII on the other hand got a McDouble and a vanilla milk shake. Are you kidding me? the best tasting thing in the world after 9 holes. I’m getting thirsty right now just thinking about it. Also, there were some real characters at this mcdonalds…

–Celtics vs Lakers game tonight.



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