Bullets – T

1. Celtics tonight vs lakers. I’m hoping for a good game, but more so hoping for a blowout so I don’t have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning.

2. Our keouerrereg coffee machine broke at work and we got a new one from WB Mason today. They do same day delivery. Pretty crazy. Anyways, im drinking a French vanilla 8oz w/ half&half and sugar. Is half&half mostly cream?

3. Eating half a bag of baby carrots. Went to the supermarket at lunch. Some pineapple chunks and greek yogurt in the fridge. Can’t wait to eat those. Also re-upped on my granola bars. Fruit&Nut obviously.

4. Song of the day: “Juvenile & Lil Wayne – Bling Bling”

5. Shoes of the day, new balance sneakers to work, slip on leather shoes at the office.

6. Shirt of the day: j crew button up with a stain I found a littttttttttttle too late.

7. Belt of the day: old worn out one. None of the holes fit perfectly. They’re either too tight or too loose. I should get a new belt but a good belt is hard to find. Especially one for work–I don’t even want to spend time looking for one.

8. Electronic of the week: new camera

9. Cereal of the week: mixed honey nut cheerios with regular cheerios.

10. Equation of the day: 0.66xFy>=M/(I/2)



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