Bullets – STC

  • I love bullets points to Big F
  • Lots of golf on my end too, lots of baaaad golf, but bad golf is better than no golf
  • Golf tomorrow, no work!
  • I LOVE double tall cappuccino, 1 sugar in the raw, from sbucks, might be the most perfect coffee drink in the world
  • No, the train station in Naples had the best capp. right T?
  • Who loves bats?  This guy does.  Hanging the bat house this weekend, goodbye pesky mosquitoes (I hope)
  • I hope my rasp. belgian wheat is not blowing up in my basement as I type…..  Kidna scared, that’s a lot of sugar added to a fermenting beer….. ok now I’m really nervous……
  • What to do during lunch?  Haircut or Driving range?
  • Celts tonight!!!!

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