New Camera

new camera is really sick. It arrived over the weekend and i got to open it up when i got back home last night. had to charge the battery before i could use it. This is it:

ive been taking videos of: pouring a bowl of cereal, swinging a bat, shooting elastics, swinging office accessories around, making faces, birds on the way to work, cars, bikes. really cool stuff. haven’t been able to bring it golfing yet, or do any outdoor sports. When lighting is good, I’ll get some really awesome stuff and start posting them on youtube. here’s a really crap taste for now:

the camera goes up to 1000fps but the quality is baaaaad. you only need that for like, bullets and BB guns and stuff (which i’ll find a way to do.) for now, 210fps is really good for sports, and catching action that you can’t notice with your naked eye. most video cameras do about 30fps.

that’s all for now.


–half an hour later:
okay i couldn’t stand having that video the one everyone saw. Heres one of my favorites so far….


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