TP Post (As Demanded) by T

Good things:
Morning raps
The fact that I’m out of work ass-early
Slomo cam
Long weekend
The food I’m hungry for. Don’t even know what it is yet. Am I going to eat a spoonful of peanut butter for lunch? I spent this passed week trying to finish all the food in my house so I don’t have to throw anything away that goes bad over the weekend.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out right now. Sunny with a couple clouds just for aesthetics.

PAG caught turtles with a fishing pole.

I’m gonna murder stc on the golf course this weekend as long as I’m not hungover. What are the chances of that?

This crazy homeless dude I just walked by is a ticking timebomb. You NEVER know when they’re gonna flip out and threaten to stab you. Is that unfair to say? It’s only happened to me twice.

No seriously. WhT am I gonna eat for lunch?



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