Such a Pure Feeling is the Well Struck Golf Shot

Played 9 after work yesterday with big T. Leo J Martin Memorial. Place sucks. Great layout, great location, nice donals ross design. Could be an unbelievable place if the city didn’t own it. I’ve never seen a decent municipal. Well i guess Torrey Pines is municipal Anyway, we got there at about 5 it was real busy. 80 degrees perfect golf day. Birdied the first hole. rolled in a 12 footer. My putting is far better than its ever been, i make a few lengthy putts every round now. it was all downhill from there. started my 9 with a birdie, ended it with an 8. Terrible. Ended up with a 46. Hit three balls out of play. boom thats 6 strokes. should have shot a 40. We played with some dude and a girl. both bad. Timmy had one of his best ball striking days that i’ve seen. He hits down on the ball nicely now. Ben hogan would be proudHogan.jpg
His short game sucks tho. Sorry, T.

Striking the ball well is what got my addicted to golf. Its so good hit it crisply. Not much is better than that.



2 Responses to “Such a Pure Feeling is the Well Struck Golf Shot”

  1. stc Says:

    ILL gotta love striking the ball well, I hit the range yesterday, hit some excellent shots, hit some crappy crappy crappy shots. Talked Riss into going, she had some nice hits with the 4 hybrid and driver.

    I have to hit a bunch more balls to prep for the tourny at work June 4th.

  2. F Says:

    2? not yesterday tho. last week i did.

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