Official I said I would so here it is WeMA Weekend Recap.

It’s difficult to get anything done at work on Friday’s especially when you know in just a few hours you will be flying down the pike to casa cautino for the greater part of a weekend. There were 3 of us spaced about an hour apart all with windows down, stereo volume up, shades on singing aloud to the blaring tunes breathing in the fresh country air. I dare you to not sing along to Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms. Once we all gathered we chowed on some chicken & pasta salad outside on the deck while pouring Stefan home brew DELISH! miller high life DELISH! Berkshire Lost Sailor DELISH! down our throats. Followed by serious rocking out to weezer and penywise woaaaaaaaa ohhhohhh ohhhhhhhhhh…. and then maybe things got a little weird when sandstorm came on?

Just when things were winding down Tim convinced us all we should go to Amherst, hrmmm, what’s so special about Amherst??? And why did we need to pump some iron before heading out? Anyways spent some time at the Amherst Brewing Company where the playlist kept getting better & better, and I discovered I no longer have any foosball skills. We capped off our time in the college town with some DELISH avacado quesidilla pizza from Antonios.

Back at casa cautino the night was not quite finished. I had to make some of my almost famous garlic grilled cheese followed by the mandatory drunk ramblings we think is stimulating conversation. That was just Friday night.

Saturday (the real reason we were out there was to help out with some serious landscaping) we got off to a slow start eating blue berry pancakes also DELISH that were more blueberry than pancake, awesome! The weather was perfect, and in the end we did get a lot accomplished, weeded, spread zee mulch, cut down trees, trimmed the hedges…. some learned and others confirmed that Tim has some serious ADD/OCD going on.

I think we are all looking forward to a certain someone’s birthday celebration in June.



3 Responses to “Official I said I would so here it is WeMA Weekend Recap.”

  1. What a weekend « STC Says:

    […] Angry Swede’s recap of the Friday night and saturday activities in WeMa […]

  2. STC Says:

    NIIIIICE recap! I want to steal the ABC playlist, friggin awesome.

  3. STC Says:

    this is actually MBC and I am proud to get a reference re:bday

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