Best coffe around, no joke.

Should I be blogging while I’m driving?



5 Responses to “Best coffe around, no joke.”

  1. angryswede Says:

    only when it’s raining out.

  2. timecee Says:

    yo F, i didn’t have a coffee today.

  3. STC Says:

    Mary Lou’s is better, guaranteed, can we test this out this weekend?

  4. timecee Says:

    i agree mary lou’s is awesome.
    had a MOCHA JOE the other day from BKing with Dana… wow is all i can say.


  5. F Says:

    im alll about Mary Lou’s. But seriously, Supreme is the best. And Jackson I only blog when its raining, and im holding a coffee in one hand and my iphone/camera in the other while driving. BK mocha joe is so good you cant believe it. its better than ice cream.

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