I’m Always Exhausted on Monday.

Sick weekend. yesterday got home from work and Timmy was already at my house watching the C’s with Dane. Me and Timmy got on the tee at Easton Country Club @ 4. I shot a 41 front and a 45 back. 86. Timmy shot a 56 front, 46 back. He probably doesnt remember that. he doesnt remember anything. I dont know why he cant remember. I can remember almost all of HIS shots, nevermind mine. Like the first hole when he hit 3 iron into the right rough, tried to play another 3 iron duffed it then hit a four iron short and right of the green, chipped it over the green and two-putted for a 6. Theres no way he remembers that. 86 is my best round this year, but im gonna break 80 before the end of the year. thats the goal. I also think ECC is a pretty easy layout too, but an 86 is an 86, ill take it. Dana met us on the back nine. smoked him. 5 bucks. After golf we went to Mel’s to see the pup. Hes hilarious. Woke up this morning so tired i couldn’t believe it. I mean Ive been tired before but this was crazy. i need more coffee. I wonder whats gonna delay the house this week.-F


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