T–Man the wx Saturday is fixin to be terrible.

Pag–You got it! Good ole fashion area of low pressure sweeping in. Could be dynamical as well with some stronger thunderstorms. Severe storms should be limited for you because there isn’t much heat to work with, you’re an engineer you know what drives everything is heat, the atmosphere is the same way! If there are to be any stronger ones they’d occur early Saturday but considering the lack of heating time and abundant cloud cover, I seriously doubt it. However, it’s going to be windy and rainy I can tell you that. This low is what I like to call “tightly wound” there’s going to be a lot of wind with it, gusts to or above 40mph aren’t out of the question. A large pressure gradient exists from the outside to the core of the low, when that happens it gets windy FAST. Once the rain is done and the low moves on your winds will shift and be out of the Northwest. Sunday will be sunny, but windy, cool and raw. You rebound nicely as a ridge of high pressure sits overhead starting Monday and 3/4
of Tuesday. Highs in the low and mid 60s both days there, good golf days actually. THEN a parade of lows start bombarding New England with rain just about every other day for the rest of the next week, and start of next weekend. Gross.

Moral of the forecast: Come to Tallahassee. Forecast Sunday–>Friday: Sunny, High: 85°-92° with little humidity.


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