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After one of the worst weeks period, ditching work early and hitting the golf course was necessary. Here’s the rundown:

Made it to Braintree Golf in 59 minutes, thanks random providence traffic.

Course was nice, my game was not. Lost soooo many balls.

Some people had balls stolen off the green. WTF geriatric wenches.

After 18 went to the 99 at SSP. Walk in and hostess asks if T&I are looking for 2 guys. More guys oh, it’s only Mikey & Dana.

1.99 Bud Select is the drink special.

J-you gonna get a buud select??
J-never had it but, looks grosssss

T-i”ll have the bud select
J-I’ll have what he’s having

Big mistake. There is a reason why this tasteless, ooo it has ice chunks in it, macro brew was soo cheap, after 2 beers its hangover city. GROSS.

Shoulda stuck with water and the strawberry chicken salad or maybe the tuscan spinach dip.

/sweet blaahg



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