Additional Golf Information

BigT Post:

–I was late for T-0ff because there was heavy traffic on 93. I looked at google maps and most of 93 was red and some of it was even solid black. I’m like “wtf, i’m definitely not driving in that, i’ll take 95.” and i was about 10 minutes late. When i got there the guy in the pro shop knew i was coming late and he had a guy pick me up in a golf cart and race me out to the 11th tee. The boys had already played the 1st hole, so i only missed one.

–I lost so many balls. I think i probably lost 6. easy. Any time the ball went in the woods, i just dropped one out. I wish stefan was there so i could send him into the woods to find my balls. Stefan’s great at finding balls.

–gold fever wings were delicious and there was an ice berg in my bud select. FBig and i discussed where i’d be living next after somerville. The need to be a little closer to home… i don’t reaaaaaaaally wanna drive in heavy 93 traff. kinda sucked.

reflection of me standing in the back of mikeys truck w the sunset in the background.


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