Work is 10 Times Worse When its This Nice Out

Perfect golf weather out there. Im stuck here so ive been doing some swing analysis. Next best thing i guess. Im getting to a much better position at the top, parallel to the target line. I still come over the top sometimes and break ben hogan’s pane of glass before i get to the ball.

supposed to play golf tommorrow. Itll probably be pouring rain or a hailstorm which is good because the last thing you want on your only afternoon off is nice weather.

pretty pumped about the timmiezpizzage URL

i love being a contributor, even though i would never expect the site to reach the legendary status of T’s P in its prime.



3 Responses to “Work is 10 Times Worse When its This Nice Out”

  1. STC Says:

    We don’t come close to the volume of shenanigans we got ourselves into during high school anymore, that’s for sure.

  2. timecee Says:

    I might have to go to the driving range today and work on my “ben hogans pane of glass.” Who’s in?

    Yeah, even if we did get into the same shenanigans, i’m not sure i’d post it anymore.

  3. F Says:

    i definitly would not post it hahah

    thats why this will never be as awesome. still good tho. does pag know about it?

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